Here are a few FAQ's for you.

Q: So who are you?
A: We are Casablanca Comics in Portland, Maine, and have been operating two retail stores for over 33 years. In addition to this website, we are very active buying and selling back-issue comics and CGC graded books through our retail stores.

Q: Where do you get the $1.00 comics?
A: Comic books are sold to comic book stores on a non returnable basis. In a perfect world every store would sell every comic that they buy, but that simply is not the case. In some cases stores may have ordered extra copies to qualify for a discount or variant, or perhaps they just guessed wrong. We sell comics that were ordered but were unsold and offer them at steep discounts.

Q: What is the condition of the one dollar comic books?
A: The majority of the books we offer are unread shelf copies. They may have been displayed on the racks, and may have minor shelf wear, stress marks, etc. They are still nice copies, and we will not ship anything with obvious damage such as tears, etc. We do not guarantee any specific grade or condition, as these are only $1.00 each.

Q: Why are there no pictures of the $1.00 comics?
A: At this time it is a time management issue. It is not cost effective to provide images for thousands of books that we may only sell once and not replace, especially at this price point. We have made the effort to provide as much other information as possible, including descriptions, creative team and publication dates. For more expensive items, we will be providing images.

Searching the site is easy. We have provided enough information that many search terms will work. If you want to search for a creator (Jeff Lemire for example), just type in the last name and it will show all of the comics that they have worked on. You can search by title, character, artist, publisher and other key words.

Q: Will you be adding other items to the store?
A: Yes! We will be adding vintage back-issues, key comics and graded books as time goes by.